PT.Terpalindo Mitra Niaga - Jual Tenda Membrane dan Tenda Sarnafil

PT. Terpalindo Mitra Niaga

PT. Terpalindo Mitra Niaga is engaged in the membrane applicator in Jakarta. We are experienced in manufacturing Membrane Tents both in Carport, Checkpoint, Shelter, Swimming Pool, Cafes, Futsal Field etc. Established since 2000 until now we have a production team experienced in the manufacture of various types of tents, especially in the manufacture of Membrane Tents / Membrane Canopies / Tensile Membrane / Tension membranes. The work of PT Terpalindo Mitra Niaga has been installed in several places both in Jakarta and outside the region. We have a support tool for applying Membrane Tents by using a High Frequency Machine (Special tool in membrane material connection application). We accept goods orders for all parts of Indonesia.